Happy 2011!!


January 3, 2011 by type1vegan

Happy 2011, folks.  It’s good to be in the new year with you all!  This should be a good one.

I got my very first tattoo this past Thursday.  It’s the world’s most pragmatic tattoo, but I think it’s awesome and badass.  Here it is:

 I don’t know if there are any diabetic vegans out there who read my little blog, but I’d love to speak with you if you’re out there.  Also, to any diabetics — do you have a medic alert tattoo?  Would you consider getting one?  I really think it’s the best idea I’ve had in a while.  I’ve come too close to dying from low blood sugar too many times.  And, the truth is, I’m moving to a new(ish) city soon where I’ll be less surrounded by friends, at least at first, and I cannot rely on everyone being in the know about diabetes.

See how tiny the tattoo is?  And see how hilarious I am, holding a syringe with the syringe cap in my mouth?  I kill me!  Yes, it’s true, I’m an old-fashioned diabetic, still using multiple daily injections.  I’ve never had a pump, and I really don’t intend to change anytime soon, although I’d consider it if I were to ever get health insurance or, you know, be lucky enough to marry a Canadian who could help me out with some socialized health care.  Any awesome, smart, good-looking Canadians out there reading this?

So, hey, what’s that I said about moving?  Yes, it’s true.  I’m leaving Phoenixville at the end of the month and relocating to Pittsburgh.

WHAT?  Yes, I know, I’ll have to change the name of the blog.  Don’t worry, though!  I’ll come up with a clever solution.  I’ll really miss Phoenixville, and it will always hold a very special place in my heart, and I’ll always be back to visit.  But Pittsburgh has cheap rent where I could afford to garden, and it’s a city but not as gross and dangerous as Philadelphia, and I have a lot of friends there, and my legal experience is slightly more marketable there than in Philly.  So… I’m going.  It’s why I had that second job — to save up to move.  Speaking of which, with the end of the holidays, my retail job came to an end.  That means that I’ll have time to really cook again, as well as to pack my apartment and to spend as much time as possible with my dear, dear friends here in the ‘ville.


11 thoughts on “Happy 2011!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Damn fine tattoo. Damn fine.

  2. AbsurdistGap says:

    Well, thanks, stranger!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good idea having the plain "Type 1 Diabetic" tattoo just at the right spot, so if something bad were to happen, the Doctors would know..Nice Job..

  4. David says:

    Came across your tattoo on yahoo. Thats cool. I like it. I'm a PWD also. Type 1. I also got a tattoo for my diabetes. I don't wear jewelry so I got the red "star" and diabetic underneath. Hope you are well and your sugars are good. David

  5. Bader says:

    oiiiiiiii! how yall doin? nice tattoo šŸ™‚ im diabetic as well, been diabetic for the past 17 years and have been lookin at other peoples "medic alert" tattoos. I wanna get one but dont know if i wanna go for the written only or a lil design Ting.. ever since '94 ive been diabetic, with the shitty insulin and crappy system and lived through to todays sexy fast acting Tings… anyways my point is i feel the writing just doesnt portray the past 17 years as it should… anyone have any ideas?

  6. AbsurdistGap says:

    So, are you trying to get the tattoo to, like, commemorate your diabetes, or for medic alert purposes only? If it's for medic alert purposes, as mine is, I recommend a couple things. One, make sure it is in a place where medical type people would see it (the inside of your forearm, where mine is, is a very good place indeed). Also, mine is facing the wrong way. It really should be upside down to you, but the correct way to anyone who grabs your arm. Mine's just a little too small. I should have made it bigger. Bigger = visable. Also, I think I'd get a little medical symbol above it if I could do it again. I may add one one day. I mean, like, one of these: medical symbolLastly, I've seen a lot of diabetes tattoos that are too tattoo-y for me. It's not that I have anything against the cliche tattoo style, it's just that I fear that something that looks too tattoo arty would be overlooked by a medical professional. I think it's important for it to be a serious-looking font. I chose my font very carefully, and I'd choose the same font again, but make it a bit bigger and facing the other way and have a medical symbol.

  7. Bader says:

    u see i would get it on the wrist but the society i live in is F*&#ed in the head and prob wouldnt even be able to read it in english. I want it to be for medic alert purposes but with a lil somethin added to it like the med sign but after seeing peoples tattoos with the same med sign in different designs im just not likin it anymore :P. Ever since i can remember ive been diabetic (age 7) and without diabetes i dont think id be the same person i am today. so yeah i gues this tattoo is both for medic alert and somethin else with it but not to be overlooked as a normal tattoo Ting. I read a lil about the glucose tattoo for diabetics that changes color depending on your sugar level.. that would be sick

  8. AbsurdistGap says:

    What society do you live in? I don't understand what "Ting" means! You keep writing it! I've been diabetic since I was 8 — 21 years!

  9. Bader says:

    hehehe, Ting is short for thing šŸ˜› i live in saudi arabia.. where having a tattoo is against the "law". thank god i was in canada when i was got diabetes cuz if i was raised here in saudi id prob be trying to hit on u with broken english and stupid comments šŸ˜› 21 years? damn thats long.. my brother is diabetic as well, hes been diabetic for around 25 years, lives in canada and is on the pump.. he says its actually pretty good but i dont trust my basil rate being given to me in small doses of fast acting throughout the day. the reason why i wrote on ur blog in the first place is cuz i saw ur pic and u had the needle cap in ur mouth like a bawss and i do the same thing! šŸ˜› no injector, no alcohol swabs (such a noobi thing to do :P).. but yeah about the tattoo im def gettin one once i leave this awesome country i live in. gonna get it on the shoulder cuz the only time i might need help would be at the gym which is a constant for me and it would be seen. i was thinking of somethin like : Type 1 the real diabeteswhat u think?

  10. AbsurdistGap says:

    People love their pumps. I've been doing this for a long time and my hemoglobin a1c is always under 5.9, so I'm not worried about switching, but I have to admit I think it sounds great in a lot of ways. So often, I have to inject a little bit of insulin, then a little more 40 minutes later, than a little more 40 minutes later, and so forth. It would be nice if something would just do that for me. I think your tattoo idea is witty, but I have two comments: first, it doesn't actually identify that YOU'RE a diabetic. Second, I feel really badly for people with type 2 diabetes! In many ways, it's more difficult to deal with than what we have. Because we can eat whatever we want to and just inject insulin to counter it. But they have to diet, excercise, take medication, AND, oftentimes, also inject insulin — and yet, I've never met a type 2 whose blood sugars were as good as mine. They're, like, satisfied to have a sugar under 200 mg/dl. I'm definitely not satisfied — and I also feel crappy — if my sugar is over 120 mg/dl!! And type 2 is really a killer. I mean, the complications are huge. We type 1s get it when we're young and we get pretty good at working with it. It's a constant thing, and it's annoying sometimes, but really, we're less likely to die from diabetes complications than type 2s. Also, I haven't even SEEN, let alone HAD POSSESSION of an alcohol swab in over a decade, at least!And, P.S., if you're on facebook, look up Type 1 Diabetes Memes. It is HILARIOUS and will make you feel so understood. They have things that any diabetic could relate to. In fact, I'm going to suggest to them that they make one that says, "Using alcohol swabs? NOOB."

  11. Rei says:

    I like your diabetic tattoo very much. I don't have any tattoo yet, but this is something which interest me. And thank you about Facebook page tip šŸ˜‰ I liked it.

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